Hipstershorts and boat shoes


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Ryann Singian l Piedmont Hills High c/o 13' l Track Bikes l Bboying l Aim: Ryannsings
Daisypath Anniversary tickers

#Hardstylewednesday (at Toys”R”Us)

🌚 #vscocam #niagararapids (at Three Sisters Islands)

Mr. Tesla (at Nikola Tesla Statue (American side))

A couple days ago from when I went to the Rockafeller Observatory (at Radio City Music Hall)

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Fine collection of pomade and grooming products #mrpomade www.pomade.com

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Timeless Comic Con Costumes ›

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Comic Con costumes are so cool, and HOT baby mmmm

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Why You Shouldn’t Take Selfies Right Next to a Moving Train

im sorry but

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Statue of Liberty with the family 🗽 (at Statue of Liberty)